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BeifuForms are created as forms to replicate the important fit angles, shapes and posture of the real human body. Our experienced 3D modeling team use body scans, coupled with their knowledge of human anatomy and pattern construction to create the final BeifuForms.

All BeifuForms are created individually in 3D with our proprietary measurement tools, then send it to our 3D printer for the creation of the molds. As such, we are able to maintain a very high level of accuracy throughout the development process.It solves the asymmetry of the traditional manual modification model and greatly improves the product quality, shape and size symmetry  

How BeifuForms are produced:

All BeifuForms are produced in our state-of-the-art BeifuChina manufacturing facility in Shen-Zhen, China. We have developed specialized production and quality control processes to achieve the following attributes:

Accuracy - BeifuForms have a maximum tolerance of 3/4 inch (0.6cm) on all required specifications.

Repeatability - BeifuForms can be duplicated reliably so all your vendors are using the exact same BeifuForm. This is due to our digital development process and our accurate mold making process.

Durability - BeifuForms are created from high-grade fiberglass and wrapped in top quality linen to ensure longevity of the form.

Quality - BeifuForm's production process has numerous in-production quality control processes to ensure that every aspect of the BeifuForm is accounted for.

The production time for BeifuForms is 10 to 20 days. BeifuForms are produced in batches and are placed into the production cycle monthly. We encourage key vendors to place their orders online prior to production, as this will ensure delivery in a timely manner.

Customized Dress Forms offer the most comprehensive, full-service dressForm development. It’s a process tailored to meet your specific needs - features, shape, posture, and measurement specifications.

1. Provide sample scan and copy
2. Provide photos and dimension 3D drawings
3. Provide dimensions,3D drawing according to our standard body type
4. After the body shape is confirmed by 3D mapping, we produce the product using 3D printed molds
5.Customizations typically take 15 to 20 days




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